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In the Central London League, all games of chess finish on the night.

No adjudications. No adjournments.


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10 Apr 14

Div 1




08 Apr 14

Div 1



Pimlico 1

07 Apr 14

Div 1

Met Police



03 Apr 14

Div 1




03 Apr 14

Div 2

Pimlico 3





04 April 2014

Pimlico 2 win Division 2, level on match points (5/8) with HMC 2 and TFL, but with a superior board count.


21 February 2014

The Pimlico venue is currently closed as a result of damage to the roof caused by last weekend's storm. This is affecting the matches due to be played at Pimlico. Last night's match between Pimlico and Rangers was postponed. Battersea v Railsport was played at the Railsport venue (with thanks to Railsport for agreeing to host the match). Until we know when the venue is open again, fixtures will be rearranged as necessary on a week-by-week basis.


21 February 2014

For the information of captains and players, this is the rule about recording moves when short of time if you are using an incremental time control:

• If the increment is 30 seconds or longer, you must record all the moves no matter how little time you have left on the clock.

• If the increment is less than 30 seconds (as in this League), and your clock shows less than 5 minutes remaining, you do not have to record the moves for the rest of the game. This applies even if the use of the increment subsequently takes your time above 5 minutes.


27 January 2014

The ECF have published the January 2014 grading list. I have updated the Grand Prix table to reflect this.


17 November 2013

The Grand Prix returns for 2013/14. This competition for individual players in the League takes account of activity, performance and the relative strength of opponents. See Grand Prix.